SkypeToAddressBook allows you to link your AddressBook contacts with your Skype contacts.

With SkypeToAddressBook Address Book plugin you can skype your Skype contacts directly from AddressBook. That skype is doing to your contact’s Skype name, which is free.


Skype is great. In the mac, it has AddressBook integration, both in the Skype Application and as AddressBook plugins. However, that integration is not complete. AddressBook integration in Skype allows you to call to phone number with Skype. ┬áBut what about AddressBook’s contacts that have Skype accounts? You can call them for free, but you have to remember their Skype names or guess they’ve set their names in Skype. SkypeToAddressBook fill this gap.


SkypeToAddressBook show your skype contacts in a great, clean way.

Skype contacts already linked to AddressBook’s contacts are displayed with your AddressBook info (image and name). Skype contacts not linked are displayed with a explanatory image and their skype names.

To link a contact you just have to click on an unlinked one. A common AddressBook’s People Picker will show up to let you select the desired contact. Click OK and you’re done!

To unlink a contact you just have to click on a linked one.


You can download and install SkypeToAddressBook very soon the MacApp Store.


Visit out support page for more.


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